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I Am Not Alone

The idea of this blog started as a passing thought in early 2021. I needed a space to scream. To express my heartbreak in watching loved ones struggle with their mental health; disappointment in our social stigmas; and my despair with my life. 

I knew I was not alone. A voice inside me told me that there are others out there who are going through the same thing. I wanted to find them. I did not want to be alone. I did not want to feel alone. 

Today, more than a year has passed; the thought evolved into a folder on my desktop and a published blog, and my nonexistent courage transformed into an unstoppable drive to put my writings out there. I hope the stories I share are signposts of hope to you. I pray that you find comfort in the solidarity that this blog stands for. And I pray you find peace and joy, and a quiet mind.

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